Hello Bloggers

After many months of deciding if i should start a blog i finally made one
Whether people actually will come across my blog or find it interesting is another matter but i'm willing to give it a go and share some favorite things and memories  with the world.
as you probably will see spelling and grammar is not something i'm good at or ever have been. hopefully no one will leave me negative comments about it i promise im trying to improve :)

About me 

Name Eilidh it's pronounced ay-lee or ay-lay its also like ceilidh without the c
over the years i've had so much bother with this name but i'm mostly glad my parents were creative and didn't use a boring regular name.

Age..ive just turned 21 so far its a great age

Biggest purchase...  until recently my biggest purchase was a michael kors bag that i bought in new york but recently i passed my driving test and decided just to go for it and buy my first car, I am now the proud owner of my own citroen c1

Fashion.. My biggest love is for Dresses i dont think its possible to ever have to many last time i counted 50 in my wardrobe but that was some time ago. I am a great lover of the high street  where most of my wardrobe comes from but occasionally like to splash out.I also HATE wearing trousers you will probably never see me wear them unless it's at my work.

Food  In my spare time i love to go out to Nandos its probably my most favorite chain place to eat out. i'm not a fussy eater but when i eat out i like it to be perfect.

Work... Currently i work in the health and beauty industry as a retail assistant it has its advantages and its negatives like most jobs but generally im happy and i work with great people.

Lastly some photos of my recent trip to New york and Canada

Feel free to ask me anything and  also please leave ur blog so i can check it out thanks

Eilidh x


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Can't wait to see your future posts Eilidh! :)

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  2. i recently started a blog too, it's so exciting! am i allowed even to say welcome to blogging??? :-) x


  3. Welcome to the blogosphere! :) looking forward to more posts x