My New Blog Template

After browsing many blogs i decided it was worth spending a bit of time to research what kind of template id like to start with. As i am Very girly i came across this template on Etsy with so many to pick from at affordable prices.other shops iv seen can be pricey and since its my first i didn't want to pay to much either so settled on this lovely girly floral design
Once i settled on the design and had paid for it,it was available to download immediately which is always a plus , no waiting around.
Not being used to coding it did take me awhile ( a few hours) to work it out but i contacted the shop owner who was helpful.

Below is a link of the Etsy Shop its worth checking out if you are in need of a high quality and affordable layout

With the currency conversion it came to just £3.98 

Hope everyone likes it


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  1. That's a really good template with a very affordable price! So pretty really x

    Cristina, xo // My Cup of Tea