New Bedroom Favorites

New Bedroom Purchases 

Last year i purchased a double bed and added new bits and pieces to my room
its slowly starting to come together.
To me my bedroom is the most important room in the house as this is where i spend most of my time when i am at home.
I wanted to create and relaxing calm and bright room without it looking cold.

Here are a few bits and pieces i have bought recently

Firstly i have been looking for nice affordable bedroom table lights for awhile now most of the ones i seem to like take up a huge amount of space that i don't have.I came across this cute heart lamp for only £12.99 from Dunelm so i bought two for when i find another bedroom table.
My main light is from Wilkinson after looking for ages i finally decided on this one. i love how it has cut out flower detail and the  crystals hang down from it.

Also my bedding is from Dunelm the duck egg beautiful bird range has a lot  of extras such as curtains, pillows and you even can get matching plates and cutlery. i had to stop my self from over buying the more pillows you have the longer it takes to make in the morning.
 The picture frame i picked up in a local shop i am sure it was around £8 as its small i am not quite sure exactly what kind of photos to put in it

The big heart i am not sure where i picked up you can find  cute hearts in most home stores and small ones i got as a gift for my birthday.

Id also love some kind of wall art/photo above my bed but just cant decide on one

Hope you like my new items



  1. Cute post! I love the bedding, and the all white theme of your room is lovely! Great post!
    xo Kiki

  2. I love all of the pieces in your room, and I absolutely love the bed sheets so cute! Loved the blog post! <3
    - Molly x

  3. Oh I love all of these little details!

  4. Really sweet blog, love this post! The duvet set is so pretty <3

  5. I love the decor theme you've gone with - your bedside lamps are ever so sweet, the heart shaped stems are lovely!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  6. I love all these things they're so sweet! Great post :) xx Carmen

  7. wow what an amazing blog post !! had a good read

    I can tell you put a lot of effort into this !! keep up the good work :)




  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bedding! So girly and cute:) If only my fiancee would allow me to have something like that! Loving your blog! xx, Hayley

  9. Wow this is lovely! I love the bed and bedside table decor :)

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  10. I love adding new bits to my rooms slowly. It just feels so satisfying knowing you're getting somewhere even if it is really slowly. I love the photo frames, perfect for some cropped instagram snaps.

    Lindsey. x

  11. Great post and lovely tips !

  12. I love buying home decor, little bits that just made a room so much nicer. Recently I found an app called free prints that prints out pictures from you phone for free and ever since I found it I've been buying so many frames!