Cake Recipe Tuesday

Hello Everyone

Today i thought id share one of my family recipes
Yogurt loaf.
When i was younger my great gran used to bake this for us most sundays.
Yogurt loaf was also one of the first recipes i tried to make when i was younger.
Yogurt loaf is super quick and easy to make and requires little items and makes such a nice tasty loaf. perfect for a late afternoon snack or with a cuppa.

What you need
1  small tub yogurt ( any kind i used strawberry) you use the  yogurt carton for the measurements
Oil -   1 carton full
Sugar- 1 and a half cartons
Self raising flour- 3 cartons
2 eggs
A loaf tin
A spoon
Mixing bowl
Apron ( optional)

Take all the ingredients and mix them together until smooth and then add to your tin and place in the oven.
(i also put a liner in my cake tin and greased it to avoid it sticking.)

I cooked mine on a fan oven at 160 for 55 minutes
The original recipe says gas mark 3 for a hour but my oven isn't gas so i don't know about this
Best to just keep a eye on it like any recipe 
Allow to cool for 10 to 15 minutes before cutting
I had cut mine while it was to hot so it crumbled a bit.

I like to eat it plain but you could always add icing or some nice jam and fresh strawberries.
Served on some nice Emma Bridgewater pottery !

Let me know if you try out my Family yogurt loaf it's so simple.

Eilidh x


  1. It looks so yummy! Will definitely try it! :)

  2. The loaf looks so good and easy to make! Thank you for walking us through your steps <3

  3. How cute! Would love to take a bit right now! Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe, Eilidh.